Fix: Error at Position (Line 1, Column 2): The ‘html’ Element is not Declared

Encountering the error message “Error at position (line 1, column 2): The ‘html’ element is not declared” during installation can be frustrating, but there’s a common solution that involves troubleshooting potential causes.

Fix Error at position in Delta Executor

If you come across this error, it might be due to the deletion of the delta file, possibly by your antivirus software. Before proceeding, ensure that your antivirus is turned off. Once confirmed, follow these steps:

This article will guide you through the steps to address this Delta Executor issue.

How To Fix Error at Position (Line 1, Column 2): The ‘html’ Element is not Declared

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Locate and Delete the Delta Folder Navigate to the directory or folder containing the installation files (for example, if deltainstaller.exe is on your desktop, go to your desktop). Look for a folder named “Delta.” Delete this folder.

Fix The html Element is Not Declared Error in Installation

Step 2: Reopen the Installer After deleting the Delta folder, reopen the installation executable file (deltainstaller.exe). This should initiate the installation process without encountering the previous error.

Why The ‘html’ Element is Not Declared” Error in Installation Appears?

The error often occurs when essential installation files are missing or deleted. The “html” element mentioned in the error message is a crucial component of the installation process. Deleting the Delta folder and relaunching the installer allows the system to regenerate the necessary files, resolving the issue.

To avoid encountering similar issues in the future, consider adding exceptions for your installation files in your antivirus software. This prevents them from being mistakenly identified as threats and subsequently deleted.